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#SNMAExcellence Series: Yamira Bell

Posted By Administration, Friday, July 13, 2018

Welcome back to our newly-installed #SNMAExcellence Series!

In this series, we are going to be routinely featuring both SNMA chapters and members that have displayed excellence through academic endeavors, community service, leadership roles, and/or research activities. If you feel that you or your chapter represents the excellence that the SNMA upholds on a daily basis, go on ahead and fill out this form! #SNMAExcellence




Name: Yamira Bell

Hometown: Easton, PA

Undergraduate Institution: Columbia University

College Major: Evolutionary Biology

Medical School: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Favorite Quote: "But be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." - Romans 12:2


Additional Links: 
Shameless plug for me and my friend's podcast that has 0 to do with medicine. We study the bible and discuss its application, ways it is confusing to us, and everything in between. Check it out!


Our second feature in the #SNMAExcellence series is Yamira Bell, a fourth-year medical student attending the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine who is also the new SNMA-Kaiser Permanente Fellow! The inaugural SNMA-Kaiser Fellowship she received is a unique position for a physician-in-training student to spend a year augmenting their formal medical training with the opportunity to delve deeply into critical issues affecting access to affordable, quality healthcare, global health equity, diversity in the healthcare workforce, and medical professionalism. She is an MD/MPH candidate, a decision that she recently made after coming to the conclusion that she needed to learn more about the methods in which systemic issues within communities could be solved. She is also an active member of the SNMA, having participated in various community outreach programs with her chapter and attending both regional and national events in order to not only expand her network, but also further cultivate her leadership skills. She hopes to use the lessons that she learns from her integrated studies and from her experiences in the SNMA-Kaiser Fellowship to help directly influence positive changes in the lives of many people throughout her future career! #SNMAExcellence


Where are you currently at in your career path and why did you decide to pursue this career path?

I am an MD/MPH candidate, in my fourth year of medical school. I recognized that there were very few black or AA doctors in my community. As I further understood the implications, I decided to pursue an MD because I wanted to be part of changing that narrative. In the middle of my third year I felt like my medical education was not complete. I did not feel like I had the tools to solve the greater systemic issues, so I decided to pursue an MPH to learn how to effectively treat communities.

How is your chapter exhibiting #SNMAExcellence?

My chapter exhibits #SNMAExcellence because we are all about serving and interacting with our community. We connect with other minority professional groups/organizations coming together to celebrate our excellence, grieve, party, and brainstorm solutions to our community specific problems. We have multiple community outreach programs. Our most unique program is Healthy Minds, an after-school mentoring program developed by Pitt SNMA students that provides underserved youth in Pittsburgh an opportunity to learn about other important aspects of their health!

What is your biggest accomplishment in medical school to date?

Completing third year. It was a doozy!

How has the SNMA impacted your medical school experience?

My SNMA chapter has been a huge support system. Upperclassmen have provided me with invaluable guidance and many of my friends from other classes, I met through SNMA. Because of SNMA, I have had the privilege of serving as a leader and growing my leadership skills in a safe environment on both the regional and chapter levels. Finally, by attending national events, I have been able to grow my social and professional networks simultaneously while reconnecting with old friends. SNMA has truly shaped every aspect of my medical experience and I am excited to be able to further my participation within this organization.

What did you do the summer before you started medical school?

The summer before medical school, I did the prologue pre-matriculation program offered by my medical school. It was a great opportunity to get some free books, get acclimated to my living environment, make some friends, and get just enough of a glimpse of what lay ahead.

What were some of your involvements in college? Have those involvements helped you in any way in medical school?

In college I ran track. This gave me an appreciation for working out and being in shape. Not that I am now, but it is definitely always something I am working towards. Also, at times, running has served as a respite from the stress of school.

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Meet the Board with Tiffani Houston, PhD

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, January 23, 2018
The 2017 SNMA Annual Medical Education Conference (AMEC) was held in Atlanta, GA. It was at this convention that Dr. Tiffani Janae Houston, PhD was appointed to the position of Internal Affairs Committee Co-Chairperson. Dr. Houston most recently finished her two-year term on the Board of Directors (BOD) as the Region III Director. She first joined the BOD for the 2014-2015 administration when she was appointed to the position of National Diversity Research Co-chairperson. There she helped to restart the SNMA’s Satcher Fellowship and the Obstacles and Opportunities project, which she continues to lead today. It is truly a distinct honor for Dr. Houston to be appointed to her position.

About Tiffani

Tiffani was raised in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Her parents are Mr. Ronald Houston and Mrs. Rosilyn Houston of Birmingham, Alabama. In 2006, Tiffani graduated from Frisco Centennial High School in Frisco, Texas as a member of the inaugural senior class. Tiffani earned her Bachelor's degree in Biology, with minors in Chemistry and Spanish from the University of North Texas (UNT) in Denton, Texas. In 2010, after serving as a substitute teacher in special education for the Lewisville Independent School District, Tiffani joined the MD/PhD Dual Degree Program at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA). She is currently a third year medical student after completing her PhD in the Departments of Urology and Cellular and Structural Biology in the lab of Dr. Rita Ghosh where she studied environmental causes of cancer. After earning her MD and PhD degrees, Tiffani aspires to join a Pediatric residency program and later complete a Fellowship in Medical Genetics. Her ultimate goal is to establish a career in academic medicine where she will treat children in the comprehensive setting and direct a research program focused on disease prevention and molecular epidemiology. Tiffani has earned accolades including fellowships from the Greehey Endowment of Pediatric Cancer Research, numerous NIH research grants, and travel awards to prestigious conferences to present her research. In her free time, Tiffani enjoys the theatre, museums, and live music. She also loves to spend quality time with her family, friends, and pets.

Position: Internal Affairs Committee Co-chairperson
Hometown: Dallas/ Fort-Worth, TX
Medical School: Long School of Medicine
Medical Interest(s): Neonatology, Developmental Pediatrics, or Hospitalist

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  • Business woman, architect, or actress
What are some of your favorite hobbies?
  • Watching Netflix, listening to political podcasts, playing Spades Online, enjoying craft beer and cocktails, and reading historical fiction novels.
If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
  • Telepathy
What’s your favorite thing about the SNMA?
  • Community
What is one of the ways that serving on the SNMA Board of Directors has impacted you?
  • Developed my confidence, leadership, and business skills
What goal(s) does the Internal Affairs Committee aim to achieve this year?
  • Increase Board efficiency and making sure members better know how to make a difference in the organization that will ultimately impact those we serve in the community.
What skills would be useful to have if joining your committee?
  • Organization and effective communication
Join now

Stay tuned for next week's highlight as the #MeetTheBoard Series continues. Subscribe to the SNMA Grand Rounds Blog for all of our latest stories.

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Disheartened Over Recent Acts of Hatred, Racism and Violence

Posted By Cynthia Bell, Tuesday, August 15, 2017

 I am completely disheartened over the acts of hatred, racism and violence that have recently taken place. These events have directly impacted our SNMA and MAPS members at the University of Virginia, and they have been horrific for us across the country to witness. It saddens me that in today’s world, some of us still have not learned the basics of love, tolerance and compassion that are required for growth and moving forward.

These events do not just impact one segment of the country. They impact all of us. As such, the SNMA has always denounced any form of racism, bigotry and violence, and we will continue to hold this stance. We will stand firm in our mission of supporting our current and future underrepresented minority students, addressing the needs of the underserved, and continuing to produce clinically excellent, culturally excellent, and socially conscious physicians. Now, it is more important than ever that we stress the importance of cultural competency, and we will make sure our members continue to develop this in upcoming regional and national conferences.

To our SNMA and MAPS family at the University of Virginia and surrounding institutions, please know that the SNMA stands with you and you are not alone. We encourage all of our chapters to come together to uplift, support and protect one another. Know that every single chapter is here to support you, and that you should never be afraid to reach out to your chapter presidents and regional directors for support during these difficult times.  


Yours in SNMA,
Danielle M. Ward, MS
National President, 2017-2018
Student National Medical Association  

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It's An Honor To Lead The SNMA

Posted By Cynthia Bell, Monday, July 10, 2017

  I am beyond excited and honored to lead the Student National Medical Association as the 2017-2018 National President! This organization means so much to me and I wholeheartedly believe I wouldn’t be the medical student that I am today if it weren’t for the SNMA. I have been involved with the SNMA for over a decade now, and it was back in 2007 when I attended my first Annual Medical Education Conference (AMEC) in San Francisco. I look forward to not only a successful year, but the full circle moment that will take place as I end my term at the 2018 AMEC in San Francisco, which is the same AMEC location that inspired me to continue to be a part of the SNMA.

The SNMA has provided me with the support, encouragement and resources to succeed in my journey toward becoming a physician. It has also incited my passion to continue the pursuit of medicine and dedicate myself to a life of service. It is my goal to incite the same passion in both pre-medical and medical students across the country this year.

I created my executive agenda for the 2017-2018 year with the desire to give back and make a way for those who come behind me. To address healthcare disparities within our communities and to enhance and develop our membership, I hope to lead SNMA specifically in:

  • Providing membership with community service opportunities in rural and inner city areas, Indian reservations, as well as Caribbean locations where some of our students receive their medical education, through mission trips to underserved communities and building partnerships with organizations, such as the Student Osteopathic Medical Association.
  • Engaging and providing resources to our students from various ethnic backgrounds through webinars, community programming and social media outlets.
  • Expanding the Pre-Medical Minority Enrichment and Development programming to include the unique skill sets of non-traditional students.
  • Showing the world "We Do Exist" by highlighting and recognizing our contribution to healthcare as both underrepresented minority students and physicians.
  • Stressing the mission of the SNMA that is supporting current and future underrepresented minority students, addressing the needs of the underserved, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and socially conscious physicians.

As a non-traditional student and a single mother, I understand firsthand why the SNMA should provide support to premeds as they go through the process of making it through college, taking gap years and applying to medical school. My agenda reflects this. As an underrepresented minority and future osteopathic physician, I am thankful for the opportunity to use my platform as a voice for both groups in medicine. There remains a lack of diversity in health care professions across the nation, which makes it nearly impossible to provide the best culturally competent care to underrepresented minority patient populations. I also recognize the need to support the diversity of the SNMA on a level that goes beyond race to promote community service and enhance partnerships with other organizations committed to doing the same. This year will show the SNMA’s dedication to making sure all of its members succeed, and it is my hope that my work over the next year with the SNMA will help address some of these issues and pave the way for future generations of aspiring physicians. My agenda reflects all of this, and I am excited to see another year of excellence from our membership. 

Danielle M. Ward, MS
SNMA National President

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NBC News Honors Christen Johnson During Black History Month

Posted By Cynthia Bell, Monday, February 13, 2017
 SNMA President Christen Johnson is being honored during Black History Month as a part of NBCBLK28 a series of article developed by NBC News to recognize the accomplishments of 28 African American innovators, vanguards, trendsetters and pioneers under 28 years old. According to NBC, "This year's crop is redefining what it means to be young, gifted and unapologetically Black. Make sure you check out Christen’s story on February 24th.

Christen described the being honored by NBC as "humbling and speechless,” and that the "honor is not only for me, but for SNMA.” Being President not only gives Christen a chance to change the way minorities look at medicine, but also as "[a] opportunity to inspire people.”

When asked what prompted her to go into the medical field, Christen recalls a story when she was younger and had an ear infection. She was treated by a black physician who let her play with the instruments. From that experience, Christen discovered that she didn’t chose medicine but "medicine chose her.”

To be a minority pursuing the medical field has always been intimidating for many people, and it often discourages them from pursuing the field. However, Christen described African American history as going "beyond the USA.” The "first doctors came from Africa” as slaves and were brought to treat various ailments. Therefore, the field of medicine is "in our blood.”

Remember to friend SNMA on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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Register Today for AMEC 2017!!!

Posted By Cynthia Bell, Tuesday, November 15, 2016
 The holidays are just around the corner, but so is SNMA’s Annual Medical Education Conference (AMEC). Each year, more than 1200 medical and pre-medical students gather for one of the nation's premiere and most diverse medical education conferences. SNMA’s AMEC 2017 will be held in Atlanta, Georgia from April 12-16, 2017.

This year’s theme, Lighting the Way: Creating Health Equity through Education, Advocacy and Service, will highlight the importance of community engagement and clinical excellence in solving the health disparities of today. The focus will be on opportunities for students to grow as future physicians while directly interfacing with the community in Atlanta and elsewhere. AMEC will also feature plenary sessions tackling the complexities of implicit bias and microaggressions in medical education, the impact of violence on public health, and the importance of physician advocacy in health care. Students will be provided with the opportunity to expand their knowledge through a host of innovative professional development workshops, yielding hands-on clinical skills and the tools to plan for their continued success.

For Attendee Registration, Click here.

· Hotel reservation at the Hyatt Regency, Click here.

For Exhibitor Registration, Click here.

More information about AMEC 2017 can be found at

  • Check out the latest AMEC updates under the Events tab at the top of the home page for details, such as Fees and Registration, Travel Accommodations, Conference at a Glance. 
  • Click the AMEC banner ad at the top of the home page to register.
  • See pertinent AMEC registration info under the Events section at the bottom of the home page.
  • View the AMEC 2017 Promotional Video in the upper right corner of the home page.
  • Browse the photo galleries from AMEC 2016.

Look for more information in the upcoming months on AMEC 2017 speakers, workshops, and all that AMEC and Atlanta has to offer. But, keep these dates in mind as you plan for the best AMEC ever!

  • Regular Registration: November 1, 2016 – March 10, 2017 (last date for cancellations)
  • Late Registration: March 11, 2017 – April 10, 2017
  • Online Registration Ends: March 24, 2017
  • Hotel Registration Rate Ends: March 28, 2017

Remember to friend SNMA onFacebook, and follow us onTwitterandInstagram.

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Thoughts with Orlando

Posted By Cynthia Bell, Wednesday, June 15, 2016

 The news of the events at the Orlando Pulse Night Club is a reminder of our mission.  In what President Obama has described as an act of terror and hate, we are reminded that these acts of senseless violence continue to impact minority communities.  Gun violence is more than an issue that can be left to legislators, it is truly a public health issue, cutting years off of precious lives.

In 2001, the Student National Medical Association adopted a position against gun violence in hopes of encouraging our participation, as an organization, in initiatives to begin to solve this issue. This concern remains today, even now as we continue to lose innocent people to gun violence. Doing our part to fight this health disparity, we have signed a petition in collaboration with over 100 other organizations to end the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ban on gun violence research. Further, we are dedicating October, our Month of Service, to efforts of preventing violence in the communities that we serve.

As we mourn the loss of 49 innocent people and support the 53 wounded, the Student National Medical Association extends our deepest condolences to the all of those affected by this tragedy. Our hearts and thoughts are with you.

Yours in SNMA,

Christen D. Johnson

National President

Student National Medical Association

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Up Close: Meet the SNMA Headquarters Staff

Posted By Cynthia Bell, Thursday, March 17, 2016
  The Student National Medical Association's (SNMA) National Headquarters (HQ) building is centrally located on Georgia Avenue, in the heart of Northwest Washington, DC, equidistant to the White House and the National Institutes of Health. The HQ staff members play pivotal roles in the execution of the daily operations of the SNMA. Although the HQ staff work tirelessly and consistently throughout the year, much of the work they do occurs behind the scenes. Furthermore, as a result of their many years spent working for the SNMA, they have a wealth of institutional knowledge, having seen the SNMA change and grow over the years. In the coming month the Internal Affairs Committee will be highlighting members of the HQ staff, providing their background and perspective. We hope these snippets will offer more insight into the inner workings of SNMA and the people who help to make it all possible.

Annette McLane

Annette McLane is the Associate Director of Programs and Conference Services. The current breath and scope of the Annual Medical Education Conference (AMEC), as well as its growing popularity and attendance, keep Ms. McLane very busy. Her full-time responsibilities include staging and directing the onsite management of the annual conference and working with the rest of the staff to organize the quality programming that many of us enjoy each year. She also helps to organize and manage quarterly National Leadership Institutes and Board of Directors meetings.

Mrs. McLane has been part of the SNMA for 25 years, initially working as a consultant, managing the AMEC in 1991 before becoming employed first as Executive Director. She subsequently took on several other roles, before accepting her current position. During that time, she has seen the SNMA go through many transitions, including the monumental effort to purchase and move into the National Headquarters building in 2000. One of the challenges for all the staff each year, she says, has been, and continues to be, the annual change in Board leadership. Another challenge, is maintaining a consistent and sound financial base. However, despite these challenges she remains motivated by all that the SNMA has to offer. She states:

"As a non-profit, we have no commodity to sell, no tangible product … no books or widgets, no toasters to give to new members. We have to entice members and supporters with an idea, with our mission. What we have to sell is LOVE. We sell love through the administration of our community service protocols and the learning and camaraderie enjoyed at AMEC each year. Progressively, we promote a vision that quality healthcare can be made a reality available to everyone and that students of color can and will become the best healthcare professionals in the world.”

This is a dedication, a drive and a goal that all SNMA members can emulate and share. Her commitment to the SNMA is rooted in an ideal that we should all strive for: Pay it forward.

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Congratulations Graduating Seniors on Your Matches

Posted By Cynthia Bell, Friday, March 27, 2015


Match Day, the third Friday of March, has come and gone. Many SNMA members and other graduating medical students nationwide have been match to residency programs. Below are graduating seniors who have updated the YM profile to notify us of their recent match. Congratulations and we’ll see you at AMEC 2015 in New Orleans.

SNMA Member                                 Facility

Osasumwen Asemota                       Nassau University Medical Center

Ashley S. Balentine                           USC Anesthesiology 

Bralin J. Bean                                    Belle Glade, Florida - Family Medicine 

Damian Campbell                              University of Texas at Austin Dell Children's Medical

 Child Neurology

Nejlah M. Clark                                  Newark Beth Israel (Emergency Medicine) 

Lauren Cooper                                  University of Chicago Medical Center 

Omotore F. Eruvwetere                     Anesthesiology- Ochsner Health System

Shanté Hill                                         University of South Alabama Medical Centers 

Armetria Humphrey                            Loyola Cook County- Family Medicine 

Osato I. Iyamu                                    Yale Internal Medicine Primary Care 

Nicole M. Jackson                              Boston University Medical Center - Family Medicine 

Stephanie E. Kuntz                            Orange Regional Medical Center-Middletown, NY 

Ebony M. McKinnies                          LSU SOM New Orleans- Neurology 

Alicia Morehead-Gee                         University of California San Francisco 

Rose A. Parks                                     Crozer-Keystone Health System 

Marc Parris                                        Anesthesia & Pediatrics, University of California, Irvine 

H. Westley Phillips                             Neurosurgery-New York University 

Tricia Prince M.S.                               PM&R 

Jjais Richards                                    Loyola Pediatrics Residency Program 

Topaz Sampson                                 Baylor Hospital (Houston)

Rodrick L. Stewart                             University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

 Shadyside Hospital Family Medicine   

Tulani K. Washington-Plaskett           Morehouse School of Medicine 

George S. Yankey                              Duke University Medical Center                            


If you have NOT let us about your match, simply go into Your Membership (YM) and update your profile. The match option is near the bottom of your profile. An updated match list will be circulated following AMEC 2015.

Look for upcoming “Grand Rounds” containing more information about member benefits, SNMA programs, alumni activities and much more. If you have an idea for “Grand Rounds,” email

              Friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.


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What does SNMA mean to me?

Posted By Cynthia Bell, Thursday, March 5, 2015

One of my most poignant memories during medical school came one evening as I was studying for a neurology exam. By far one of the most challenging courses for me that semester, I had scored poorly on the midterm. In fact, I flat out failed. At that devastating moment in my academic career, I questioned my intelligence. Was I even smart enough to be in medical school?  Did I belong here? Had I made the wrong decision? What was I doing wrong? 

I had made a few mediocre grades in the past, but usually anything less than a solid B required reinforcements—study groups, tutors, whatever it took. As I sat at my table looking down at piles of notes, highlighters, diagrams and slides, I had no idea where to start and wanted to give up. 

Then I thought, if I quit what will I do about SNMA? I was the chapter president. I had to go to the annual conference, right? Yes, and no. As I sat there wallowing in self-pity, I gave myself a severe reality check. This journey was not about me. It was about all the giants on whose shoulders I was standing, about the sacrifices that my parents and grandparents made for me to be there. It was about all the people who were definitely smarter than me, but weren’t afforded the opportunity to attend medical school. It was about making a commitment to the students behind me, to be able to share my story of how to persevere when times get rough. It was about finishing the course so I could be the voice of the silenced and the ignored. 

I was SNMA. I am SNMA. So I, made a cup of coffee, picked up my highlighters and decided to pass the next test, and the next one, and the one after that. For me, SNMA reminded me of my purpose

I have wanted to be a doctor since I was little, seven to be exact. I dreamt of being the kind of doctor that took care of babies, which at the time I thought meant I would be a pediatrician. Who knew, instead I would find the road to obstetrics and gynecology. I am currently practicing with a hospital-based group near Norristown, PA and I have served as a Professional Board Member for SNMA for the past four years. I knew SNMA would be a significant part of my life as soon as I stepped into my first meeting. The leaders modeled the medical student and rising physician that I wanted to be. 

SNMA proved to be pivotal in all aspects of my training and I attempted to participate on all levels, local, regional and national. I served as chapter president, assistant regional director and on the national membership committee. We were greatly honored to host the regional conference at my home institution during my fourth year and I knew then it would only be a matter of time before I returned to serve the organization in a professional capacity. 

AMEC is just around the corner, April 1-5 in New Orleans. Don’t miss your opportunity to attend 2015 AMEC and stay active with SNMA. Sunday, March 8th is the deadline for online registration, so register today!!! To get the AMEC group discount rate at The Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Orleans, make your hotel reservation by March 6th. 


Look for upcoming “Grand Rounds” containing more information about member benefits, SNMA programs, alumni activities and much more. If you have an idea for “Grand Rounds,” email


Friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.



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